Numer produktu: ADR015

ADR-4 is used to change the physical properties of drinking water, and contained in beverages and food products.



General information

It is used to improve the health properties of drinking water as well as water contained in food and beverages. The primary function of the ADR-4 is to modify the energy and the structural properties of water in order to make it healthier for living organisms. The effect is related to a specific distribution of permanent magnetic fields produced by the ADR-4 and to the internal structure of the ceramic within the ADR-4 that modifies the electric field distribution. ADR-4 diameter 9.5 cm, thickness 1.7 cm, weight 125 g.

Spatial magnetic field distribution over ADR-4

Technical information

The ADR-4 is a ceramic-magnetic disc encased in a special 4-inch diameter shell, which can support containers of food and beverages. The main component of the disc is a special ceramic on which permanent magnets of well defined dimensions are configured. ADR-4 produces a specific spatial distribution of external magnetic fields and moreover, it modifies the electric field distribution. This effect is related to a large low-frequency dielectric absorption which is evident at room temperature. There are a broad dielectric permittivity maximum decreasing with increasing frequency. The anomaly appears also in the imaginary part of the dielectric permittivity. We relate the dielectric anomaly to the behaviour of the water which is confined in the porous ceramic element. The size, shape and distribution of the pores in the ceramic element determine the temperature range of the dielectric anomaly. Both the magnetic field distribution and the ability to absorb low-frequency electric fields, are characteristic of the ADR-4 and have an effect on the properties of water when it is placed over the element and exposed to its action.

ADR-4 holds the following certificates and opinions: * Certificate of testing by the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz, Poland, * German Certificate TÜV stating that ADR-4 can be used in contact with food products.

How to use ADR-4

Any food or beverage containing water molecules can be energized with ADR-4 by placing it on the top of the disc for approximately 3 minutes. The disc must lay on a flat surface with the “ADR 4” inscription facing up. Water or other beverages in a container placed on top of the disc should be stirred after this duration. After 3 minutes, the water molecules will be properly arranged and energized. Longer exposure (e.g. 1 or 24 hours) will not cause any further changes in the energy and/or the intermolecular arrangement of water molecules. ADR-4 can be washed in running water or in dishwasher, because it has an airtight seal.

Additional information

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