ADR Protect

Numer produktu: ADR010

ADR Protect® device reduces the effects of electromagnetic radiation on human body.



Certificate of Testing

At none of the test points, the registered values of the constant magnetic field generated by the ADR Protect EMF, exceed the approved value as per the regulation by the Ministry of Environmental Protection Natural Resources and Forestry of 11th Aug., 1998, and hence, they do not pose any hazard to human health.

The ADR Protect EMF has received the certificate of approval for sale and use according to its destination.

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Spatial distribution of magnetic intensities over ADR® Protect.

The Profesor & Doctor of Medicine Jerzy Nofer


Department of Physical Hazards

Thermographic research results:

Thermographic research was conducted at Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences, Institute of Radiology Radiophysics Department in Poznan, Poland.

S. Górski, S.A. Wosiński, B. Grala, K. Waliszewski, K. Kapecka, Thermographic evaluation of the immediate effects of the ADR Protect Energy Stimulator on blood supply to the hands of persons with Generalized Peripheral Blood Supply Disorders, Medical News 3 (72) 2003; s. 176–180.

before use (left) / when using (right)

Immunologic research results

Average results of the proliferation of mononucleus blood cells (immuno-logical cells) during in vitro cell culture. Proliferation after 15-minute medium exposure to ADR Protect, which was further used in cell culture (graph B).

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Technical information
ADR Protect: diameter 21 mm, thickness 1,5 mm, weight ca.3 g.

How to use ADR® Protect

Recommended product placement
The ADR Protect has an adhesive backing so that it can be affixed to the outer surface of an electrical appliance.

  • the reverse side of mobile,
  • a computer mouse.

ADR Protect® should be fastened to electrical appliances on the reverse side of the encasement/closure (each ADR® Protect is equipped with a self-adhesive layer).

Additional information

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