NoEM Electro Protector 3,5 kg

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NoEM screens and absorbs even 99% of the most harmful range of low frequencies of EMF.

NoEM is easy to use, will start screening after just one application and can be left as an efficient white paint top coat. It prevents dust and dirt attraction. NoEM is an ideal primer as it efficiently prepares surfaces for further decorating.

All these features are contained within a single product – NoEM Electro Protector 4 in 1.

NoEM is the world’s first non-conducting electric field screen absorbing EM Fields based on Ceraqion technology. The water molecules contained within the product are trapped within porous ceramics structures, which allows for the screening of harmful EM Field by absorption. This lowers the strength of EM Field radiation around you.

NoEM absorbs harmful electric fields within the frequency of 0.1 Hz to 100,000 Hz including home wiring 220 V – 240 V / 50 Hz-60 Hz and does not interrupt TV, radio, mobile phone signals and Wi-Fi.

NoEM is the perfect primer for indoor use for both white and colour paints. It works continuously, day and night, without changing its screening properties, which last for up to 10 years.

NoEM is effective and functional:

  • NoEM screens electric fields by absorption. It protects you from the harmful effects of EM Fields emitted by electrical appliances within your home, house wiring within the walls and electricity lines on the outside (eg. overhead pylons)
  • NoEM does not require grounding
  • NoEM lets the Earth’s natural static electromagnetic field through, which is beneficial for the human body
  • NoEM does not interfere with telecommunication devices
  • NoEM has antistatic properties
  • NoEM strengthens and aligns the surface absorption and its grip
  • NoEM is vapour-permeable
  • NoEM gives a matt, smooth finish with no cracks
  • NoEM increases the efficiency of top coating paints
  • NoEM does not splash and does not leave streaks

NoEM to uniwersalność stosowania

The screen is extremely beneficial in areas exposed to continuous electromagnetic fields emanating from power grids and electrical equipment found in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, schools, hospitals, office buildings, server farms, etc.

NoEM is intended for all mineral substrates:

  • cement and gypsum plaster
  • lime cement
  • lime
  • thin mineral and acrylic plaster
  • concrete
  • plasterboard

How to apply NoEM

  • NoEM is ready for application directly from the container. It must not be mixed with other substances. If necessary, the paint may be diluted with water to a maximum of 5%.
  • Surfaces not destined for coating such as furniture, doors and windows, should be masked off or covered by a protective sheet.
  • For the best screening results you should ensure that the humidity in the room is greater than 35%. The ideal relative room humidity, which is most beneficial to your health, is 60%.

The interior primer must be applied to a clean surface. It can be applied by brush or spray painted. It should be applied in such a way to ensure an even and smooth coating.

NoEM works after the first coat, but a second coat can be applied to then maximise the electric field screening efficiency. Once the first coat is dry, the second one should be applied using the “cross stroke” method and then one consistent direction of painting to ensure a fine finish. The application should be completed for each area without any breaks to ensure consistent coverage.

The ideal room temperature for drying is between +5°C to +25°C. Drying time at +20oC with a relative humidity of around 60% is approximately 6 hours. A lower temperature and/or higher humidity could extend the drying time.

After application, tools can be simply washed with water.

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